EVENT: It is a five-day literary festival that takes place during winter months in Ahmedabad. Many of the events are held under the open sky.
A language, genre and ideology neutral platform, which has no biases and prejudices and welcomes all with open arms.

DIVERSE: Facilitating a newer and much needed mix. The diversity of language, literary types and cultures, exposes not just readers but other creators too, to newer and varied forms of expressions and results in interesting debates and experiments in creativity.

MULTILINGUAL: Most lit-fests in India and in the Anglophonic world are exclusive by nature – they are all about English book writers and their latest works. We have re-invented the way readers in Gujarat connect to literature by experimenting with programming in languages like Gujarati, English, Hindi, Urdu, Rajasthani, Malayalam, Bengali and Sindhi.

INCLUSIVE: Entry to the festival is totally free and open to all without any bars. Attendees spend up to 8 hours on an average at the GLF venue attending multiple sessions. This also ensures focused visibility for the sponsors. Not limited to book writers alone but poets, playwrights, screenwriters, social media and blog writers, literary creators in oral traditions and many more participate.

GLOBAL: In being an inclusive event, we have crossed international borders by hosting foreign authors and global literary works.

GAME CHANGER: We made it more meaningful by contributing to literary processes, rather than being limited to a mere celebration of them. We hold workshops for writing, training and more.

YOUTHFUL: Our objective is to draw young audiences. It’s ambience, programming and presentation, everything dovetails this objective. We target youngsters drawn away from reading and writing.

INNOVATIVE: We decided to present literature in a manner that is cool, more fun, glamorous and appealing to the youth. Every edition of the festival sees newer innovations.

REWARDING: Writing can be a lucrative career option only if it is financially rewarding. For starters, GLF has designed itself to be a commercially gainful event. We pay all our speakers. Dignity for creative people is at the heart of the festival.

PARTNERSHIPS: Apex body of Indian film writers – Screenwriters Association of India (SWA), has partnered with GLF. This is their first partnership with any lit-fest and gives us an advantage of exclusive participation of latest Bollywood and other film writers.

FORMAT: It has a mixed format – discussions, debates, conversations, talks and more, on things literary, by authors and subject experts. It has nearly one-third of the event time dedicated to audience interaction.